About & Philosophy


I'm still surprised sometimes at the order of events that took place to get me here, on my path as a birth doula.  I'm so grateful for all the twists, turns and wonderful people - especially my four boys! - that led me to this work. 

I live in Longmont, Colorado with my husband and four young sons.  We spend a lot of time going on "adventures" and watching fire trucks.  I am a long distance runner, baker and a wannabe sewing artist.  I am also a prenatal yoga instructor and childbirth educator. 

I like all the things I do but I find that my heart starts to fill up when I get to talk to a mama about her baby.  I feel my compassion and love grow for her and this love of her life that she's growing.  I feel so fortunate when I get to listen to her hopes, wants and dreams for herself, for her labor and birth, and for her sweet little baby.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is based on you.  My philosophy is looking at you, listening to you, being with you, feeling where you are and meeting you there.  My philosophy is serving you in a way that is authentic and open with intent to hold space for you and walk beside you as you move through this experience.  My philosophy is supporting you in whatever way you ask verbally, emotionally or energetically.

I support mamas and their partners in any birth place with birth ranging from all natural to all medical.  I'm knowledgeable and experienced with many methods and offer suggestions as I follow your lead.  You're in charge, mama.

My Sisters

I recently joined an incredible group of women who love mamas, babies and birth as much as I do.  Please take a moment to learn more about Sage Birth and Wellness Collective.