Why choose a doula?

Why Choose a Doula?

Birth is an amazing experience that can take on many forms and go in many different directions.  A doula is there to support you and assist you on your journey.

Doula comes from a Greek word meaning "a woman who serves."  As your doula, I will support you physically, emotionally, and mentally in a way that matches your natural rhythm.  If you begin to stray from that rhythm, I'll be there to help you find it.

With a doula attending your birth:

*the use of medication for pain relief is reduced

*the risk of cesarean section is reduced

*the use of Pitocin is reduced

*the chance of interventions such as episiotomy and assisted delivery is reduced

*the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth is increased

*how a mama interacts with her baby is rated higher

*the relationship with her partner is rated higher

*her satisfaction with her birth is rated higher

It is my pleasure to help you, your partner and your baby have the positive birth experience that you deserve.


A collaboration of Doulaville Seattle Birth Services, Evidence Based Birth, and Improving Birth.org created and shared this AWESOME Improving Birth Doula Fact Sheet.  Check it out!