Childbirth Classes

Express Childbirth Workshop

Location:             420 21st Ave     Suite 115   Longmont, CO 

Learn what you need to know to birth your baby with confidence and make educated decisions about labor and birth in an interactive one-day course.  Learn the basics as well as tips on how to increase the likelihood that you’ll have your birth preferences acknowledged and met.  More specifically you will gain understanding of:

  • the basic physiology of birth and how a normal birth is likely to unfold

  • pain coping techniques and labor positions

  • essential comfort measures and how your birth partner can support you

  • tips and techniques to help you navigate the first postpartum weeks

This course is suitable for those planning a hospital, birth center or home birth and as a refresher course. 

Sunday, November 18 9:00am-1:00pm $50/couple   

Click here to register, space is limited! Sliding scale available. Registration closes Friday, November 16.  

Birthing Your Way Childbirth Series

Community Roots Midwife Collective  738 Coffman St.      Longmont, CO






Giving birth to a baby is an experience that you will remember forever.  This is your birth and you should get to do it your way.  This three week series will include everything taught in a hospital childbirth class plus skills, tips and tricks to have an empowering, positive birth experience.  Topics include: basic physiology of birth, pain coping techniques, labor positions, comfort measures, making informed decisions, interventions, breastfeeding basics and postpartum care for mama.  By the end of this course you will feel more confident about labor and birth and be better prepared to handle anything that comes your way.

This course is suitable for those planning a hospital, birth center or home birth and is a great compliment to the FREE tour of your hospital or birth center.

Please inquire about future dates!                                                                $90/couple                                                                                                  

Sliding scale available.                                                         

Private and Semi-Private Childbirth Classes

I also offer private and semi-private childbirth classes.  Please contact me if you are interested in setting up a class or series of classes that meet your unique needs and wants.  I'm happy to customize the class for you!  Price and location will be determined by what we decide together.

Please email me at to discuss.