5 Things You Didn't Know About Doulas

A birth doula is an educated and experienced woman (usually) that supports a woman and her partner (if there is one) prenatally, during labor and birth and postnatally.  She offers the mama support physically, mentally and emotionally in various ways.  Maybe you knew all that but here are five things you might not know about doulas.

  1. Not all doulas are hippies and you don’t need to be one either.  There are all kinds of doulas just like there are all kinds of pregnant mamas.  We may have a certain philosophy we favor or something that we’re especially good at but there is definitely a doula out there for you.

  2. Doulas are interview.  Doulas often offer a free consultation to meet and answer your questions.  It’s a great way to see if you’re a good fit for each other.  This is important!  Your doula will be with you for one of the most significant experiences of your life - you should like her.  If you don’t already have a doula you know and love, shop around!

  3. Doulas services are in your price range. Some of you have no problem with the fee of doulas while others feel like they are out of your budget.  We understand!  But if you want a doula, you deserve a doula!  It may be that the posted fees are out of your range but many doulas offer free or low fees (usually certifying doulas), sliding scales or payment plans, just ask!  Also, ask your mama friends and you’ll almost always hear that “doulas are well worth their fees!”

  4. Doulas don’t get offended.  Go ahead laboring mama, snap at us, curse, tell us to stop doing what we’re doing, you can even tell us to leave the room - we won’t bat an eye.  We understand!  We know that labor can bring out all of your most colorful sides and we are ready.  Nothing you say or do will upset us.  In fact, some of those harsh things will make us secretly smile because we’ll know it means baby is on the way out soon.

  5. Doulas love what they do.  We love this work.  Why else would we drop what we’re doing, shuffle our kids other places, skip meals and sleep, and be with you for as long as you need us?  We want to support you and we’ll do whatever we can to see that you have the best birth experience you can.  

Still not sure you want to hire a doula?  Set up a meet and greet to ask questions, be heard and see what you think.  Your birth experience is something you’ll never forget and a doula can be there to support you and what you want...whether she’s a hippie or not.