Mama, Your Ears Are So Big!

All of sudden, after the birth of your first baby, you are a parent.  The day before you weren’t and now here you are with the greatest, most challenging job that exists.  You’ve been warned about all the things that will happen, good and bad, from friends, family and especially strangers.  You’ve been told strange and daunting tales of never sleeping again, committing to years without time alone (including bathroom time) and what can and will come out of every opening of your child.

What you may not have heard about, though, is the subtle but incredible intuition you develop.  Your gut instinct most likely kicked into high gear during your pregnancy but now you are on and yes, mama, your ears are so big!  You will wake from your slumber at the sound of your baby’s sweetest sleep peep.  You will see the smallest imperfection in the just right light on her delicate skin.  You will feel that he has gained an ounce just by holding him.  You will taste her skin with each kiss you place on her face.  And you will, of course, smell all the smells.  Your five senses combine with your sixth sense and without warning you have accepted these superhero powers of mamahood.  

Whether you like it or not, you’re on and will be for many years.  Challenging?  Absolutely.  But accept this gift with an open mind and an open heart.  Even though these supersenses may keep you up at night and have you at the doctor’s office a few extra times “just to make sure” they will undoubtedly help you to take care of your child with attention and intention.  So in your first day, month, year of being a parent, listen to your instinct with those big ears mama and settle in to the greatest job that exists.