The Trick to Letting Things Go

 If you're like most of us, you have something you're worried about, something that weighs on your mind, something that keeps you up at night - maybe many things that keep you from that mysterious place of calm and relaxation that you've heard about.  We hear ya, mama, but how can you let those things go? 

Maybe when the new year rolled in you had a few new year's resolutions or some big plans to find more peace in your day starting bright and early on January 1st.  How's that going?  Hopefully great but maybe not so great.  Why?  Because it can be really hard to make big changes!  We are constantly asking so much of ourselves which leads to stress, exhaustion and unhappiness.  If you're growing a baby, have a baby on the outside or both you should give yourself a break.  

The trick to letting things go is to do it in baby steps (pun intended!).  While going cold turkey or making huge changes all at once can work occasionally, no one should be expected to make changes so rapidly.  When it doesn't work it can lead to self blame, shame and disappointment and those are the last things you need.  So try releasing those worries gradually.  Choose one thing at a time and go slowly.  You may have setbacks but they'll be easier to recover from when you work in small increments.

If you're trying to find more calm in your day, try deep breathing or meditating for one minute.  If you're trying to burn a few more calories, try parking a little farther away from the store.  If you're trying to get more things done in a day (and still rest at the same time), bring your laundry or computer to the couch with you.

You've got this, mama.  You're already doing a lot of hard work and I know you may want to make improvements but take your time and take care of yourself.